Financing for new, used and imported vehicles.

Features Details
Product Type: Financing for new, used and imported vehicles
Charges: As per “Schedule of Bank Charges
Insurance: Built in Insurance & Tracker
Equity Requirement:
  • New vehicles: minimum 20%
  • Imported vehicles: minimum 30% of the FSV of the vehicle
  • Used vehicles: minimum 25% of the FSV
Co-borrower: Parents, spouse and son can be considered as co-borrower. Brother/ sister can be considered if other options are not available and provided they are employed/self-employed
Electronics Credit Information Bureau (ECIB) & Debt Burden Ratio (DBR):
  • Mandatory for all applicants including co-borrowers
  • Debt burden inclusive of all existing and proposed liabilities shall not exceed 50% of net disposable income


Mark Up:

Segment Annual Mark-up
Armed Forces: 12 months Kibor + 1.5% (upto 3 years)
12 months Kibor + 2% (more than 3 years)
Branch Customers (salaried): 12 months Kibor + 3% (upto 3 years)
12 months Kibor + 3.5% (more than 3 years)
Branch Customers (SEB/SEP): 12 months Kibor + 3.5% (upto 3 years)
12 months Kibor + 4% (more than 3 years)
Non Branch Customers (salaried): 12 months Kibor + 4%
Non Branch Customers (SEB/SEP): 12 months Kibor + 4.5%
Used/Imported Vehicles: 12 months Kibor + 5%


Financing Tenor:

Type Tenor
New: 1 to 7 years
Used: Used vehicles should not be older than 7 years and the age of the vehicle should not exceed 10 years at the time of maturity of loan
Imported: In case of imported vehicles, the bank shall not finance the vehicles older than 7 years


Minimum Income:

Category Minimum Income Requirement Relation/Service Length
All Salaried Rs. 25,000 Permanent employees
Armed Forces Rs. 25,000 Commissioned officers
AKBL Branch Customers (salaried) Rs. 25,000 3 months salary relationship with AKBL
AKBL Branch Customers (SEB/SEP) Rs. 50,000 6 months account relationship with AKBL
Non Branch Customers (salaried) Rs. 40,000 1 year continuous service length
Non Branch Customers (SEB/SEP) Rs. 75,000 1 year in current business
Government Sector Rs. 25,000 BPS 14 or above permanent employees, 6 months’ service length
Individuals with Rental Income Rs. 75,000 Nil


  • Completely filled signed application
  • Clear photocopy of CNIC of applicant & co-borrower
  • One recent passport size photograph of applicant
  • Latest salary slip
  • 6 months bank statement
  • Proof of business & other income
  • NTN certificate (optional)
  • Bank letter for proprietorship
  • Partnership deed (if applicable)
  • Form A/Form 29 (for limited companies)
  • Copy of the latest paid utility bill received at the residential address
  • SBP CF-1 Form

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