Askari World MasterCard Credit Card

AKBL is known as an initiative-taking institute and keeping alive the old tradition, AKBL has again come up with the unique product introduction in the local card market. AKBL is the first bank in Pakistan to launch “Askari WORLD Mastercard Credit Card” under the umbrella of Mastercard. This high-class card is designed to let AKBL cardholders experience a higher level of convenience, security, control and privileges with a suite of premier benefits.

WORLD Mastercard is a unique and profiled credit card, which allows ultimate and marvelous benefits to its cardholders across the globe. It is an exceptional experience that opens the doors to an array of valuable offers, upgrades, distinctive deals and preferred access of high lifestyle.

  • The World Mastercard is premium product to address primarily high net worth customers i.e. CEOs, MDs and Corporate Executives, etc.
  • Globally the world Mastercard holders are dealt exceptionally
  • Special arrangements to service World Mastercard customers
  • All seasons special discounts offered by Mastercard internationally
  • To explore more please visit
  • Mastercard has a global agreement with LoungeKey to access approximately 500 VIP Lounges in over 300 busy international airports.Askari Mastercard World Card Customers can relax and unwind before the flights by accessing Lounge Key services and can avail Business Lounge facility in the following regions upon showing their Askari Mastercard Credit Card. For information please visit


Business Lounge Facility
AMMAN (AMM) Petra VIP Lounge
DUBAI (DWC) Marhaba Lounge Terminal C1
KUWAIT (KWI) Premier Lounge Kuwait International
ABU DHABI (AUH) Mastercard Diamond Lounge VIP Terminal
  • Marhaba Lounge Terminal 1, Concourse D
  • Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3, Concourse C
  • Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3, Concourse B
  • Marhaba Lounge Terminal 3, Concourse A
  • Marhaba Lounge Terminal 2
  • First Class Lounge Terminal 3
  • First Class Lounge Terminal 1
JEDDAH (JED) First Class Lounge North Terminal
Category Description
Age Minimum: 21 years
Maximum: 70 years


Category Minimum Income
Salaried 0.50 million
SEB/SEP 2.00 million


Electronics Credit Information Bureau (ECIB) & Debit Burden Ratio (DBR): Mandatory for all applicants. Debt burden inclusive of all existing and proposed liabilities shall not exceed 50% of net disposable income
    • Application form (filled & signed)
    • Copy of CNIC/NICOP/valid passport
    • Salary slip or salary certificate (In case of Salaried individuals)
    • 6 months Personal Bank Statement (In case of SEB/SEP)
    • Business proof document
Features Description
Service Charges for Retail Transactions 3% per month
Annual Fee – Basic Card Free for 1st year whereas from 2nd year onwards charges will be Rs. 9,280 (comm 8,000 + 1280) per annum, however waiver is subject to spending of Rs. 50,000 within two months from issuance/renewal
Annual Fee – Supplementary Card Free for 1st year whereas from 2nd year onwards charges will be Rs. 4,640 (comm 4,000 + 640) per annum, however waiver is subject to spending of Rs. 20,000 within two months from issuance/renewal
Late Payment Charges Rs. 1,160 (comm 1,000 + FED 160) per month or 10% (comm 8.62% + FED 1.38%) of the minimum amount whichever is higher
Service Charges Cash withdrawal 3.70% per month
Cash Advance Charges Rs. 1,160 (comm 1,000 + FED 160)or 4.06% (comm 3.5% + FED 0.56%) whichever is higher
Cheque Return Charges Rs. 1,160 (comm 1,000 + FED 160) per cheque
Excess Over Limit Charges Rs. 1,160 (comm 1,000 + FED 160) (flat)
Issuance of Duplicate Statement NIL
Card Replacement Fee Rs. 1,160 (comm 1,000 + FED 160)
Flexible Credit Plan (FCP) 2% per month
FCP Early Cancellation Charges Rs.1,247 (comm 1,075 + FED 172) or 6.38% (comm 5.5% + FED 0.88%) of the outstanding amount whichever is higher
FCP Processing Charges Rs. 638 (comm 550 + FED 88) or 3.71% (comm 3.20% + FED 0.51%) whichever is higher
Credit Cover (with the Consent of Customer) 0.60% of outstanding balance
Voucher Retrieval:

  • Local Transactions
  • International Transaction
  • Rs. 435 (cmm 375 + FED 60)
  • Rs. 1,044 (comm 900 + FED 144)
Balance Transfer Facility Service Charges 2% per month
Forex Markup 3.5% on the transactions amount – to be applied on all transactions other than Pak Rupee
Service Charges for SMS Alert Rs. 58 (comm 50 + FED 8) per month
Internet Transaction Charges NIL

You can apply by visiting our Branches or by calling at our 24 hrs call center at 111-000-787. Our dedicated staff will help you complete your card application form and other formalities.

You can also submit your details here, our staff will contact you.