Online Investment in Mutual Funds

Gone are the days when you needed to visit a branch office, fill-out tedious paper work and submit a cheque before you could invest your money in mutual funds. Now, through Askari I-Net Banking services, you can invest in mutual funds managed by Askari Investment Management (AIML). This facility allows you the most convenient, fast and secure way to invest your funds without incurring any additional charges!

This facility is yet another innovative addition to the existing Askari I-Net Banking services, which include utility bills payments, mobile top-ups, account statements, payment details, online registration, fund transfer to any account within Askari Bank, Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT), Askari Master Card details & bill payments, email alerts, account balance enquiries, scheduling of financial transactions and SMS alerts.

For activation of your AIML Investor SelfCare Account or any queries related to AIML, please contact 0800-AIM(246)11 or email AIML at

For further details regarding Askari I-Net Banking, please speak to our phone banker at 111-000-787.

Step 1: After activating your AIML Investor SelfCare Account and filling out the eInvestments form to generate a Voucher Number for online investment services, please login through Askari Bank’s Internet/Mobile Banking account (

Step 2: After successful login, go to the “Payment” tab, select the “Other Payments” option and fill out the required fields to complete the transaction.