Online Payment of Government Taxes & Duties

Now you can conveniently pay Government Taxes & Duties online directly from your bank account through Askari Internet Banking & ATMs. The facility is available for the payment of income tax, sales tax, excise duty and custom duty.

Step-wise Process:

  • The taxpayer will access systems of FBR (IRIS) or Customs (WeBOC) and fill his / her tax payment details to generate PSID (payment slip ID) for onward usage.
  • For tax payment, taxpayer will visit ATM or Internet Banking Portal and inputs his / her PSID generated in step 1 to fetch the tax payment details. After authentication of the payment details of taxpayer or his / her agent as the case may be, confirms the payment of tax.
  • Accordingly taxpayer’s account is debited for onward credit to Government Account at SBP BSC Office through 1link system.
  • As soon as the taxpayer’s account is debited, 1link system will generate a message for WeBoc or IRIS systems that payment against the PSID has been received.
  • For confirmation, taxpayer may view electronic display of payment confirmation on screen of ATM or Internet Banking Portal.